Monday, November 28, 2011

How Caregivers Can Help Keep Seniors Safe in Their Homes

Potential Dangers Around the House

Written By : Tina Sherman

To those who are in the business of caring for seniors learning ways to prevent falls is a must. May people are still not aware of the fact that there are just as many fall hazards to seniors in the home but with the proper measures it is easy to prevent falls so that seniors are safe from the life altering effects of having a tumble and here are a few ideas that you can implement in the home.

• When in the kitchen, do you leave your counter top appliances such as mixer, coffee maker, mixer, and toaster on your countertop? Move them out of the way they might fall as your elderly companion does his or her cooking.

• Many seniors easily feel tired when standing for prolonged periods so anything that concerns food preparation should be done sitting down at a table to lessen the risks of falling and of course to prevent the senior from feeling fatigue.

• Clutter on the floor is oftentimes ignored but they are potential hazards because the senior has the potential of tripping on those things scattered on the floor... Continue story here

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