Friday, February 5, 2010

Helping Moms Manage Communication with their Nanny

I read this article and wanted to pass it along. We are frequently guiding parents on how to communicate certain requests to their nanny. It is true that bringing up certain issues with your current nanny can cause some families a lot of unnecessary angst. It is always a good idea to have an employment contract in place which spells out all the responsibilities of the job and compensation package. Go over the work agreement before the job begins and work out any foreseeable issues or misunderstandings. Naturally, issues will arise once the job begins and you should address that verbally and in your contract. And agree to always have an open line of communication going forward. We end the sample employment contract we ask families to complete before the nanny starts her first day with the following language:

We want to welcome you into our home and our children’s lives. We are happy to have you and hope you will remain with us for a long time and become a major part of our children’s lives.

The Parents and Nanny both agree to sit down at a mutually convenient time and discuss any disagreements, misunderstandings, or change in job description in a calm and rational manner. We will treat each other as professionals with courtesy and respect always keeping in mind that the children’s well being and happiness is always first and foremost.

How to Speak Nanny

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