Thursday, February 6, 2014

Experienced Nanny vs Au-Pair

Interesting story from The Telegraph based in London about how research shows most families prefer an experienced nanny over an au-pair. They surveyed nannies, agencies and parents and found families are more likely to hire nannies with greater life experience. We have found that to be the case in our area too. There is no substitute for experience and a solid track record when it comes to childcare.  

Forget the au pair, it's older nannies that parents want

Parents want nannies with greater life experience or who have raised a family of their own, research here

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

7 Fun Snow Day Activities to Do with the Kids

  1. Get outside and enjoy the snowy day.  Get dressed warm and build a snowman, make snow angels or create snow art in the backyard.  Fill some cups with food coloring or dish washing soap and let the children’s creativity run wild. Fruits and vegetables make for great snowman body parts. And now you have a partially edible healthy snowman. Don’t forget the hot chocolate when they come back inside.
  2. Play some board games like Payday, Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders or Candyland.  Teach the children to play checkers or really challenge them and teach them to play chess. Chess is a great way for children to learn about  planning, foresight and logical thinking.
  3.  Marathon” story time day.  Ask the children to pick out a few of their favorite books and read to them.  You can role play and let them act out some of their favorite stories, dress up as their favorite characters and act out the story or have a fashion show.
  4. Build a fort inside from the couch pillows and blankets. Then from inside your fort watch an age appropriate classic kids’ movie like Nemo, Willy Wonka, Superman or the Karate Kid.
  5. Bake together. Break out the chocolate chips and make some delicious cookies or cupcakes.
  6. Have an old fashioned scavenger hunt. Make a list of odd items around the house to find, and set the kids loose. Naturally, make sure they don’t get into anything they shouldn’t.
  7. Make a play date with a child from the neighborhood and have them join the fun in any of the activities above.

Most importantly, be safe and ENJOY!