Monday, December 8, 2014

Guidance on the Holiday Bonus for the Nanny or On-Call Babysitter


Dear Wee Care, 
"Thank you, thank you for sending Lily our way.  She is FABULOUS! Since she is our first nanny, can you provide us with some guidance on a Christmas/holiday bonus?" Understandably, we get this question a lot during this time of year.

To answer your question, a full-time nanny can usually expect a holiday bonus of one week's pay - two week's salary depending upon her length of service.  Additionally, if the nanny has been with the family under a year, half of her weekly salary is standard. If the nanny is  just starting, a $100 gift card sets a nice tone.  A hand-written note of thanks expressing your sincere appreciation and referencing a yearly highlight of the caregiver/child relationship is an additional way to show your genuine gratitude. 

Some families will include an extra little something coming from the children like a homemade card, cookies or her favorite confection which surrounds the monetary gift with genuine warmth and appreciation from the child.

For the regular on call  babysitter that provides care several times each month, a gift equal to one night's pay are the norm. Many families choose to provide a $50-$100 gift card to her favorite shop, cafe, nail salon etc.

Housekeeper/Cleanerone or two week's pay, depending upon her length of service and a small gift like  a bottle of wine.

Obviously, this is a general guideline of industry norms in the NY Metro Region. Some families give more or less depending on the particular circumstances and family budget.  

Posted by Wee Care Nanny Agency