Monday, May 10, 2010

Nanny or Daycare-You Decide

Naturally, this is a choice many parents are confronted with (and we get asked this question often enough) so we thought we would weigh in with our thoughts on the subject. At the risk of sounding self serving, we believe the benefit of having an experienced nanny outweighs even the best run childcare centers.

Why should I hire a nanny instead of using a childcare center? There are many reasons in our opinion:

  • For starters, your children will receive much more individual attention from a dedicated and nurturing caregiver of your choosing, allowing them to build relationship skills and form close bonds.
  • Children have a more secure and safe environment in a home setting. Your nanny can provide a lot of intellectual stimulation that overburdened, understaffed childcare centers may not be able to do.
  • The nanny can teach your children another language, engage them in art projects, and even create a "daycare" environment by inviting over other children to play and learn.
  • Children cared for at home tend to get sick less often than those placed in childcare centers.
  • On the practical side, having a nanny come to you is far easier than packing up your children every morning and driving to a center, and you get the added benefit of having someone to help with the household chores.
  • Finally, if you have two or more children, a nanny is less expensive than even a moderately priced childcare center.

We hope this helps.

Posted by Wee Care Nanny Agency