Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seniors & Pets - Increasing the Quality of Life

I wanted to share this because my 82 year old father recently adopted a Terrier and it has had a very positive impact on his life.

Pets for Seniors - Enhance Quality of Life
Written By : G. Dube

Recent studies indicate that seniors who own pets, live longer, experience better health and enjoy life much more than the senior who has no pet companionship. Results have shown that pet owners often experience a decrease in temperature, stress level, and even blood pressure! In addition to this luxury of companionship, pets can provide joy, entertainment, love and security and even calm the pet owner. Pets love you for being you -- not for the psychological games you play -- not "only" for the treats you shell out frequently -- they are forgiving, loyal and love you unconditionally.

Learn the 6 ways pet ownership can enhance a senior's quality of life:

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