Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finding a Nanny Agency

We thought we would re post this article from nanny.com because we believe it offers some good advice on how to select a nanny agency. We hope this helps.

Finding A Nanny Agency

A good nanny agency can be brand new or decades old, a one-person operation or a thoroughly staffed office. But the basic mission of all agencies is to recruit nannies and families, and to match one to the other for a fee. The modern nanny placement service (in which the family, not the nanny, pays the placement fee) developed in the 1980’s when Boomer babies became working moms.

In 1985 a few nanny agency owners and experienced nannies met to create the International Nanny Association. INA set this country’s first standards for nanny placement and continues to monitor the nanny industry. Families can order INA materials, including the INA Directory of nanny agencies and nanny schools. Although agency membership in INA often indicates adherence to INA standards, it is not a guarantee.

Advantages of Using Nanny Agencies
-A good nanny agency saves time for both nanny and family. It has tested procedures for recruiting, advertising, screening, and counseling, and policies regarding both placement and refunds.

-It has an established reputation based on previous nanny placements, which in turn draws additional nannies and families into its register improving the choices for all.

-A good nanny agency treats nanny and family as equals. Both are its clients, for without one it will not have the other.

-A good nanny agency provides a solid nanny/family contract.

A good nanny agency stands behind its placements and impartially counsels both parties in case of on-the-job conflict.

-A good nanny agency monitors the success of its nanny placements and may even offer workshops and get-togethers that support both nanny and family.

-Experience with a good nanny agency is probably the best possible introduction to the placement process: when a nanny has fulfilled her commitment to a good agency placement, the experience – awareness of screening procedures and of the many hitches along the way – will help both nanny and family in the next go-around.

-A good nanny agency is known by its customer service, the caliber of the nannies and families it serves, and the frequent long-term success of its placements.

Article continued here...http://www.nanny.com/agencies.php

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