Thursday, April 3, 2014

Which Driving Infractions Cause Car Insurance Premiums to Rise the Most?

We all know that tickets for speeding or passing a stop sign can result in costly fines, but the rise in your insurance premiums can  be even more painful. According to a recent national study, below is the average of how much your car insurance rises per infraction:  Read here

  1. DUI -- 93 percent.
  2. Reckless driving -- 82 percent.
  3. Careless driving -- 27 percent.
  4. Speeding 1 to 15 mph over the limit -- 21 percent. Speeding 16 to 30 mph over the limit -- 28 percent.
    Speeding 31+ mph over the limit -- 30 percent.
  5. Failure to stop -- 19 percent.
  6. Failure to yield to pedestrians -- 19 percent.
  7. Driving in a carpool lane -- 18 percent. 
The bottom line: driving carefully and obeying all traffic rules is important for safety and your pocketbook!

Posted by Wee Care Nanny Agency