Thursday, November 20, 2014

Helping Nannies & Caregivers Learn to Swim

Do you think you've ever missed a good job opportunity because the family has a pool or lives near a beach and requires a swimmer? Unfortunately, we have exceptional nannies that experience this on a regular basis. So many nannies grew up surrounded by beautiful beaches but later developed an intense fear of the ocean, and never learned to swim. It is an unfortunate situation to be in but there is something you can do about it. 

Jeff Krieger, M.S., has a wonderful program called Strategies for Overcoming Aquatic Phobias (SOAP). Jeff is a combination of swim teacher and encouraging coach/therapist. He has worked successfully with many nannies and caregivers.  His mix of patience, understanding and empathy helps to put even the most fearful of beginners at ease. Of course, it helps that Jeff really loves what he does.  You can find him teaching his course throughout Westchester, Manhattan and the Bronx.

 I (Mellisa from Wee Care) always wanted to be a swimmer. However,  I was fearful of being in water over my head and could barely make my way across the pool. I recently completed Jeff's course and am now swimming laps!  I took the course with several other students from all walks of life.
None were swimmers. Some were terrified of even going into the pool and others only knew how to doggie paddle. After a couple of months of weekly classes, everyone was swimming, really swimming. Not like Micheal Phelps, but capable swimmers able to do multiple laps in an Olympic size pool. We are happy to recommend Jeff's course, it really works. 

For more information about learning to swim and the course click here.

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